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Stables, Internal Stables, American Barns and Equestrian Supplies
SiMPLEFEEDER - The Automatic Horse Feed Dispenser System
SiMPLEFEEDER is an revolutionary aid to improving your horse`s welfare by feeding your horse little and often
as nature intended, producing a calmer horse and saving you time
The feeders can be wall-mounted or bar-mounted and are suitable for internal or external use.
SiMPLEFEEDER was developed to provide each horse a feeding regime with the aim of replicating its natural
feeding environment.
With SiMPLEFEEDER the horse has a greater number of daily feed times, each feed containing a smaller
quantity than would traditionally be given. This feeding pattern is closer to the horse’s natural grazing
behaviour and has the added benefit of allowing owners to have more time to tend to their horses as and when
they require.
SiMPLEFEEDER has many advantages over normal feeding:
● improves the animal’s welfare through the management of its feed intake
● optimises the digestibility of the feed so that the horse benefits from its full nutritional value
● allows you to spend more productive time with your horses
● produces calmer horse
● early feed times ensured
● late/early feeds for horses prior to competition
● reduces boredom for recuperating horses on box rest
● reduces stallion stress by frequent feeding
● convenient stable management aid
● controlled method of “bulking up foal” prior to sales
● greatly reduces labour costs
The Product Range consists of five Automatic Horse Feeders,
designed tp dispense a wide range of dry mixes, cubes and pellets.
They can also dispense heavy moist, fatty and sweet feed.
Bar-mounted SiMPLEFEEDER
from inside stable
We reserve the right to alter without notice the specification, design, price or conditions of supply of any product or service in the interests of product improvement.
Bar-mounted SiMPLEFEEDERS Wall-mounted SiMPLEFEEDERS on external stable wall
Tel: 07590 614740 for further information or an on-site demonstration

Owner Details

No canvassers please

Type of advertiser:  Trade advertiser
Owner:  Lawrence
Address:  Cross Lanes Richmond, North Yorkshire
Telephone:  07590 614740
Mobile:  07590 614740

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